Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Kiosk interacting bracelet

When bracelet is brought up against kiosk, the kiosk will output information specific to the user (hypothetically)

Proximity sensing interactive wall

Using Arduino, servo, and proximity sensor to push and pull a surface based on proximity of objects to sensor

Noisy Sponges

Com:2 Processing in Grasshopper

A reactive surface based on inputs from a pixilated image in contrast of that image. Using Processing, Grasshopper, 5 servos, leds

Wii Joystick controls Cube

Wii Joystick controls Cube

Kiosk Interacting Bracelet

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sponge Field

Here we opperate on a field of lines. Manipulation of an attractor that deforms a regular field is controlled through the interaction with a sponge - because squeezing sponges is fun!

Asymmetrical Symmetry Drawing

Here we play an endless drawing game. The graphical production can be seen as a blind diagram or representation of the interaction of the players throughout the "match".


through arduino and firefly, we were able to create a maze based game where 1 or 2 users must control the intensity of their squeeze on a sponge in order to direct and point and draw a line through a simple maze. This game utilize the discovery, intuitive, and exploratory qualities of successful games.