Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bill Fontana Workshop 2008

We are thrilled to be working with internationally renowned sound artist Bill Fontana this week in the Robotic Ecologies seminar. He will be working with the students on their projects on Thursday (3/27/08) and then giving the Dean's Forum public lecture "Acoustic Simultaneity and the Sculpture of Sound" at 5pm on Friday in the School of Architecture. Fontana has worked on major sound installations including the Harmonic Bridge (in association the Tate Modern London 2006), Pigeon Soundings (at the Kolumbia Museum in Cologne 2007) and his Panoramic Echoes project (New York 2007). A short clip from Fontana's artist statement: "From the late 90”s until the present my projects have explored hybrid listening technologies of acoustic microphones, underwater sensors (hydrophones) and structural/material sensors (accelerometers). I have also realized and am developing projects that access live seismic networks to explore the sound energy of ocean waves, traveling long distances underground." Also check out Peter Traub's interview with Bill Fontana.