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Mud Tub

The mud tracks movement to control computer (new form of a mouse). It gets people away from a purely technological world and brings them back to nature.

Interactive landscape

Interactive landscape that reacts to people walking by with sound, light and movement.

rAndom International -- Swarm Light

Swarm Light from rAndom International is a light installation that responds to, records and displays a user's audible presence.

Snow Bells

This game uses a camera to visualize users in a space and then allows them to nock these snowflakes. each user produces a unique sound when they pop a snow flake. Merry Christmas!

Beat-Box Pin-Ball

This multitouch table top allows multiple players to fabricate music through the manipulation of disruptive elements in a pinball-like space

Suprasensorial: Experiments in Light, Color, and Space

This is a video my brother made for the new MOCA exhibit entitled Suprasensorial. Although it is not directly utilizing new responsive and interactive technologies, I feel that these pieces do embody the spatial and experiential qualities that our projects will strive to embody. These projects aren't complete until users and actively interacting with them.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Urban Visual Recording Machine [3 of 3]

This is a visualization along with the audio of the NYC Art parade.

The Urban Visual Recording Machine [2 of 3]

This is a short on how the urban recording machine works.

The Urban Visual Recording Machine [1 of 3]

This is a mobile recording device that records various conditions like ambient sound, weather, and visual surround and abstracts them for a print format.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

email counting tshirt

Urban Speaker

Interaction Grass - Project by Frits Stam

Festo - InteractiveWall

Yelp KegMate, COM, data, record, filter, images

New Facebook app give cash saving deals:

Evan Grant - Cymatics


Big Dog

Aeroponic system for urban agriculture

The world's deepest bin - -

More is More: 4D Product Design for the Everyday

High res 25 min FULL ABSTRACT of MORE is MORE 2 Event. from Alec Robertson on Vimeo.

Prospero: Robotic Farmer

The interesting piece for this robot is its ability to detect a seed already planted in the ground and bypassing the area as a result. Wondering what type of sensor is used to detect the seed (or what logic is used to emulate the presence of the seed).

Light Nucleus

Augmented Reality that detects motions and adds visual graphics via Processing according to your movement in the space. He has a version that is also sound activated.

Garduino Geek Gardening

Love to garden but don't have time? Let the Arduino help you with that....

POW : Haptic Sound

Although this project does not harvest energy, I can imagine something like this in tandem with the energy harvesting dance floor, at which point the entire experience would be user-generated.

Past/ Potential Urban Interventions

I've come across plenty of videos about linking plants to networks so they can tell you when they need watering, but this project goes far beyond that.

This project from a few years ago addresses urban issues and also provides an interactive solution.

Illah Nourbakhsh Lecture: Ethics in Robotics

Though not directly relevant to class, a great talk about ethics in robotics. Something to chew on while we dabble in the cyber world.

Robots with a mind of their own

AMANDA PARKES: Phrases of the Kinetic: Organicism and Transformation fro...

Harnessing bodily energy... through fashion. Robotics is no longer just for geeky boys with pocket protectors! Mmmm... wearable algae, who knew?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Networked Buoyant Individuals / Piezoelectrical Generation

Taken as a combined proposal, I think these two videos create a phylogenetic field of possiblity.

A dense cloud of floating piezoelectrical generators could capture the waste energy of East span Bay Bridge pile driving, for example, at the same time alleviating construction-related noise pollution; a network of intelligent photovoltaic balloons could not only follow sunbursts from one side of the city to the other but shade festival-goers in Golden Gate park.
//J Austin


Responsive Kinematics

Responsive Kinematics Video - From Robotic Ecologies Fall 2009