Thursday, May 31, 2007

NIME NYC Conference June 2007

I will be attending the NIME 2007 International Conference and Workshops on New Interfaces for Musical Expression being held at NYU from June 6-10. It is sponsored by Harvestworks, LEMUR - League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots, NYU - Steinhardt, Tisch - ITP, Columbia Music Center, and Eyebeam. Troy Rogers, an amazing former Robotic Ecologies student and current PhD candidate from UVA's VCCM (Composition and Computing) will be presenting 2 projects in concerts at the Loewe Theater at NYU.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Robo Ecologies in The HOOK (and more)

The HOOK featured an article about our McGuffey Arts Center Opening in this week's issue. The 5-24-07 "On Architecture" column was written by Dave McNair. He writes: In this vision of the future, Johnson imagines, architecture will be in constant negotiation with the energy cycles of its surroundings and with the needs of its inhabitants. Likening such architecture to airplane design, Johnson says that some elements of the design will be "pre-shaped" and stationary, while other elements will be "active, dynamic and form-seeking."

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